Servo Motor Encoder Repair & Services

Awakin Technologies repairs encoders, tachometers, and resolvers for all Servo Motor. Feedback repair is necessary to ensure top performance of your servo motor and drive. Feedback devices are engaged to deliver information back to the control and indicate performance relative to many different factors, including :

• Speed
• Direction of rotation
• Position
• Acceleration rate
• Deceleration rate
• Relative position of the rotor to the stator

If you are experiencing deficient performance with your Servo Motor, it’s time to discuss your needs with us. We can provide a complete diagnostic and repair for your Servo Motor using only factory certified and trained Engineers. Plus, we promise there are no surprises. We’ll give you a quote over the phone, but when we receive your motor for servo motor feedback device repair services, we’ll perform a thorough check and update what we have provided. You’ll know all the work your motor needs and how we can help. All this work is backed by an 12-Month, In-Service Warranty so you can rely on the servo motor feedback repairs we perform to keep your operations healthy and stable.