Incremental Encoders

Another Important servo motor feedback device for repairs and audits is the incremental encoder. This piece of equipment operates through photoelectric scanning of the fine lines on the rotating disk.

Incremental encoders provide an A and B pulse output. Pulse outputs provide no usable count information in their own right. With an incremental encoder, the counting is done by external electronics. The output on lines A, B and Z are checked with an oscilloscope. Accurate count checks are done with pulse counting device such as Mitchell Electronics.

Servo motor feedback device repair services cover many typical checks with these encoders. Some of the most common verifications we perform include :

• Check the pulse stream of all wave forms with an oscilloscope
• Check the relationship of the A, A*, B, B* signals with and oscilloscope
• Check the Z, Z* signals with an oscilloscope
• Line level check all lines to verify that none are missing
• Line count with a digital pulse counter
• Run at continual count at operating speed check,
• Measure the offset from signal A to signal B.
• Measure the "on" versus the time "off" of the pulses.

These Tests help our certified Engineers ensure your servo motor is brought back up to operational efficiency standards set out by your OEM. That way, you can rely on the servo motor when you need it most, avoiding costly downtime and hazardous malfunctions.