Servo Motor Repair

Reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to production schedules is essential to any business. When your Servo motor needs repair, there is no better partner to have on your team than Awakin Technologies. We are known for our commitment to superior customer service and getting our client's facilities back up and running as quickly as possible. When your servo motor goes down, the repair services team from Awakin Technologies is ready to assist you. When you need your servo motor repaired, simply Send it to us and we will respond with a quote for repair within 24 hours. Once you approve the quote, our trained technicians begin repair work on your servo motor immediately. Each servo motor we repair goes through a step by step repair process. The step by step Servo motor repair process begins with a visual inspection and continues as our technicians rotate the shaft, both forward and reverse, and meg the motor. The next step is the Mitchell Electronics test equipment where we check the alignment of the feedback, perform a KE test, and check the function of feedback including resolver angles, encoder count and tacho voltages.

Your servo motor is then disassembled, cleaned and baked, the surge and hipot test is performed, and we check for machine work. At this point in the repair process, we install new bearings and seals where needed. We are then ready for reassemble your repaired servo motor, to align feedback, and to bench test with our test equipment. All of this happens within our standard 1 to 3 day turnaround window. For those times when it is critical that downtime is kept to minimum, we offer FREE 1 to 2 day rush service for your convenience. We provide continuous communication throughout the repair process, so you are able to check on the status of your servo motor repair at any time. When it is essential that your servo motor is repaired quickly, accurately and on time, it is essential that you contact Awakin Technologies. We are the leading repair and sales partner for businesses around the State.