Spindle Motor Rewinding Services

Awakin Technologies has perfected the process to rewind Spindle Motors, assuring exceptional repair and rebuild. A properly planned and executed motor rewind will cause no efficiency loss in electric motors, but you may see improvements in power density, reliability and overall efficiency. Your rebuild and motor rewind may include some additional improvements you haven’t considered, such as upgrades to the latest resins and insulating tapes that can improve overall thermal dissipation, especially when working on older motors. Giving you the best rewinding service for electric motors starts with a complete review to understand if there is any problem with your motor that you were unaware of during submission. If we discover anything, we’ll contact you right away with an updated quote and information on our concern. You must give us approval before any work is performed, so we are both in agreement for the final cost. Our rewinding services for motors follow a very strict process to maximize speed and efficiency while minimizing any risk to core integrity.