Fan and Blower

AWAKIN TECHNOLOGIES is offering you Brand new FANUC FANS to replace your old Defective Fanuc Fans. All the Fanuc Fans References begins as A90L- (noticed on your Fanuc Fan or on your Fanuc Maintenance Manual of your Fanuc Control). We are offering Fanuc Fans for Fanuc Servo Amplifier Modules, Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Modules, Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Modules, Fanuc Motors or FANUC CNC.

If you do not find the FANUC A90L Reference, or you only have the Manufacturer Fan Reference (Sanyo Denki, NMB-Mat, Panaflo), Feel Free to contact us and we will help you to find the Correct Fan Reference that you Need.

A Dirty FANUC Fan results in reduced Semiconductor Cooling Efficiency, which Degrades Reliability. Periodic Cleaning is Necessary. Using Compressed Air for cleaning Scatters the dust. A Deposit of Conductive Dust on the Amplifier or Peripheral Equipment will Result in a Failure. To Clean the Heat Sink, do so only after Turning the Power off and Ensuring that the Heat Sink has Cooled to Room Temperature. The Heat Sink becomes Extremely Hot, such that Touching it during operation or Immediately after Power-off is likely to cause a Burn. Be extremely careful when Touching the Heat Sink.